Buffs Pull Off A Win/5th Quarter

Thursday afternoon the City o*f Giddings came and knocked on our front door. They told me they were cutting off the electricity for a couple of hours to switch out transformers. Well, what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t have electricity??

Go get a pedicure, of course!

all “buffed out” and ready for the football game

As I said yesterday morning, our week has been filled with games….Well, we can scratch “attend a Giddings Buffalo varsity football game” off our bucket lists! We started our night at the LCYC (Lee*County Y*uth Center) Dinner before the game.

Hanna and I before the game

Then we headed over to the game….

The big inflatable helmet the football boys run through

A Texas Friday night sunset

We sat with the Hanson’s, so the first half of the game was filled with sticky fingers and Ring Pops!! 🙂


The boys did OK the 1st quarter….it kind of went down hill the 2nd quarter and they almost let 3 touchdowns go–the other team ended up scoring 2 touchdowns, almost back to back….

At the end of the 3rd quarter it was 10-20 (we were losing)….

Paul and I left at the end of the 3rd quarter (to get ready for 5th quarter), and apparently us leaving was good luck. As we were walking out in the parking lot, the fireworks went off again (they shoot off fireworks every time we score)…..making the score 17-20.


Well….we heard (when everyone got to 5th quarter) that the Buffaloes actually ended up winning, 32-29. According to one of our youth, Tyler, (who is the 2nd string quarterback), Giddings was down 29-17 with 1:30 left in the game and came back to win!!! 🙂

Paul and I are very sorry that we missed the 4th quarter….sounded like a good one!

Go Buffs!

Go Buffs!

Tyler (from our church)

(On Thursday night, the Freshman team completely slaughtered the Liberty* Hill freshman team–52-28! Kyle (Tyler’s brother and also one of our youth kids) scored 5 touchdowns as the starter)!

As I said, Paul and I left and went to our church to prepare for 5th quarter. We were told, as football season drew near, that the Baptist church has ALWAYS (whether that means 5 years or 50 years) hosted ALL the 5th quarters for ALL the home games (yes, I put emphasis on the exaggeration words b/c they drive me C-R-A-Z-Y)….well, my sweet husband, who has such a gift of community, has become good friends with the pastor at the First Assembly of God church here (as well as knowing the youth pastor at one of the Lutheran churches in town)…..he decided he wanted to work together, as a commUNITY, to host the 5th quarters together.

Well, although being welcomed with hesitation and doubt from some of our church members, Paul did it anyway. The Baptist church hosted the 1st one (last night) and the other two churches are helping with the other four! 🙂 I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I am 100%  behind him on this.

So, here’s the 1st one:

popcorn being popped!

setting up the tables for ice cream floats

sodas for the floats

Paul committed the “cardinal sin” by not having Dr. Pepper. Apparently he did not ask “this Baylor Bear” when it came to buying drinks b/c obviously he forgot about “Dr. Pepper Hour” at Baylor (where they have Dr. Pepper floats)….amateur!

some of the kids playing Ping Pong downstairs

the boys playing pool with “Pastor Pat”

playing volleyball outside

playing basketball

playing football in the parking lot

Hattie and Victoria

Paul and Walker (he does not like having his picture taken)

Paul and me

Victoria and Jaycie

all the kids sitting down, listening to Paul

Paul shared a small little “devo” and really encouraged the kids just to get “plugged in” somewhere (not necessarily our church, just anywhere in town)….he was very encouraging and very ecumenical, in including the Assembly of God church, the Lutheran churches, etc.

Paul thought we had about 70 kids there, which I think is great! And we had some good adult volunteers, as well. It was good to meet a few other people from other churches, too.

With the right amount advertisement and spreading the word, I think the kids will be fine that 5th quarter is at another church in September. (We’re still working on some of the adults, unfortunately)….

Our night ended with having to “jump” Steve’s car (who had a dead battery) and we finally got home around 12:45AM!

Overall, a good night!