Mark Your Calendars!!

There are A LOT of things happening at the church over the next two weeks!! 🙂 Please….mark your calendars!

1st: Youth Back to School Swim Party

2nd: Promotion Sunday

We’ll be getting a few new 7th graders in our Youth Group…..I pray for them daily. I pray they will feel loved, accepted, and safe.

3rd: 1230

On Wednesday nights, starting August 29th, Paul will be starting a small group bible study (called 1230) for the youth that want to attend. It will be a more “intense” focused bible study, for those who are ready and willing to make that next step in their walk with the Lord.

4th: 5th Quarters

The first football game is Friday, August 31st. FBC will be hosting the first 5th quarter. Paul is hoping to partner up with 2-3 other churches around the community, praying that they will also help host 5th quarters as well. There are 5 home games this season. As far back as anyone can remember, FBC has always hosted the 5th quarters (which is fine). But, wouldn’t it be great to get the church community involved–break down some of those “denomination walls” and just come together to love and support our kids….

5th: Sunday Night RESONATE

Starting Sunday, September 2nd, Our Wednesday night bible study “RESONATE” will be moving to Sunday nights from 6-7:30…’s a time for the youth to come together to play games, worship, hang out, and have bible study. It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere for our youth and any visitors that want to come!

5th: Children’s Sermon

Starting Sunday, September 9th, we will be having a Children’s Sermon during each Sunday morning service, for ages 3 and up! We will also have “Children’s Bags” available during the church service for the “older kids”–it will be filled with children’s books, coloring books, activity pages, and crayons….

6th: Extended Session

We will be starting Extended Session up again, starting September 12th.

8th: PB&J Kids

Our Wednesday night Children’s Activities is going to be called PB&J Kids (isn’t that cute–I can’t take credit, though)….

So, as you can see, the next two weeks will be filled to the max with some wonderful opportunities for our church family to get involved!! 🙂

Please keep Paul, me, and FBC in your prayers….all of these events that are happening directly affect us because we are leading out in Youth activities, as well as Children’s…..





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