My Birthday Day!

Today is my 32nd birthday…..

I had a good day celebrating with family and friends…..

It’s a beautiful thing being so close to family now. My mom drove down from Waco to spend the “day” with me. She joined my friends and me for lunch at Los Patrones.

Mom and me

After lunch we went and got pedicures. A little girl from our church told me I should get “bright orange” on my toes, so….that’s what I did!

After mom left I took a “birthday nap” and then got ready to go out to eat. Paul told me we were going to K-Bob’*s in Brenham. He told me I had to be ready by 6:30. So, at 6:30 I’m ready to go. At about 6:40 I told him it was past 6:30, and we needed to go. He told me….”a few more minutes.” Well, 7:00 rolled around, and we STILL weren’t going….he was just playing computer games, so I couldn’t figure out why he just wouldn’t stop playing…

At 7:10 someone banged on our door (at the apartment)….no one was there. Then Paul said, “OK, we can go!” (Very strange…..)

We got in the car and I heard this “giggle” coming from the back….Paul denied that I heard anything and just turned the music up. I heard it again and then Victoria “popped up” from the backseat! Followed by Jaycie! So, our birthday “date” was with two 15 year olds!! 🙂

The girls certainly made our dinner a lot LOUDER and definitely made us LAUGH!!

Paul and I at dinner

Most of the following pictures are fuzzy because either: 1.) the camera was on the wrong setting or 2.) Victoria was laughing so hard while taking a ZILLION pictures that she kept shaking the camera and everything was out of focus!

Victoria, me, and Jaycie

I love this pictures except for the glare on my glasses….

Paul and I enjoying my free dessert

The peach cobbler at K-Bob*’s is WONDERFUL!! 🙂

notice anything on the ticket…..

Apparently Paul now signs his name with a heart and XOXO! 🙂 (The girls actually signed the ticket for him)!

Victoria eating ice cream from Scoop’s

Paul and I eating at Scoop’s

after our night out with the girls

I was very blessed by birthday gifts and birthday phone calls!

Here’s to another year……






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