Youth Trip to Six Flags

Yesterday we took 13 kids to Six Flags/Fiesta Texas. It was our last Youth “Wtrip” before school starts next week! It was a very long day but I think the kids really had a great time! 🙂 It was a perfect day to go….we didn’t have to wait more than 20 minutes in a line and by 3:00 in the afternoon we didn’t have to wait at all! 🙂

in the bus on the way to Fiesta Texas*

We finally have the church bus back. It’s been in the shop since the last week of June. Paul has tried to take his CDL driving test 2 different times, and each time, the bus has been broken. So, he’s on the list to take it this Thursday! So, because he doesn’t have his license yet, Coach Buck had to go as our bus driver. He’s been a wonderful friend to us and really has helped a lot with transportation over the past couple of months! 🙂

Dallas took my camera and captured a “self-portrait”

Bailey (and Audrey)….

waiting in line to ride RoadRunner Express (Bailey, Audrey, Jaycie, Dominic and Jasmine)


Dominic, me, and Jasmine (proof I was there that day)!!


This was probably my favorite roller-coaster. I rode the roller coasters for about 6 hours straight (with a little bit of time at the water park).

Morgan eating lunch at the park

The Looney Tunes show

After going on The Goliath (which was HORRIBLE) we rested inside the Food Court. Jasmine, Dominic and I were easily entertained by the Looney Tunes show! 🙂

Dominic and Jasmine

They are both cheerleaders/tumbling, so they have the “cheerleader” SMILES!! 🙂

Dominic and Jasmine on the log ride

Between 5:05-5:45 Dominic, Jasmine, and I rode the log ride 4 times in a row! 🙂 (and we had already ridden it earlier that day)!

Emergency STOP button

Yep, I accidentally leaned back against this button!! STOPPED THE RIDE!!!! (Luckily they hadn’t really started yet…..)

me waiting in line for the log ride

getting ready to leave the park

Paul in the bus, on the ride home

Eating at Taco Bell/KFC/Pizza Hut (Bailey and Audrey)

The older boys

Jaycie, Walker, and Jasmine in the game room at the restaurant

The kids had just as much fun in the game room as they did at Six Flags, I think!

Wesley and Jaycie


Audrey and Bailey on the bus on the way home

Wesley on the way home

the back of the bus (they were a little loud on the way home)–hyped up from 8 hours at the park!

2 important lessons I learned yesterday:

1.) I am getting TOO OLD for 6 hours of roller coasters! My stomach hurt so bad after the 5 and 6th one…

2.) I saw WAY TOO MUCH SKIN at the water park yesterday. I’m just going to be honest: there are certain people in this world who should NOT wear two-piece swimsuits!! Yikes!!! People have no concept of modesty….

We got home around 9:45 last night and I was up at 8:30, cleaning house!









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