There is a new “thing” going around on Facebook that is….tbh (it’s for students/kids/teenagers)–you write tbh on someone’s wall and then you write something “honest” that you think about them….

or supposedly it’s “honest”–I really doubt it, though.

For example, you can write:

–I think you’re the best __________ (cheerleader), you have the best _________ (smile)….whatever you want to write.

But, I do think it’s funny, though, because surely these same people who write “honest” stuff about you on your wall are the very people who probably talk bad about you behind your back. So, if you really were honest, you’d probably say something like…

You drive me crazy when you __________ (are late to everything), I hate it when you ___________ (make jokes when I’m trying to talk to you)….

So, here’s my TBH:

1.) To Be Honest….it drives me crazy when people are late for church. If church starts at 6:30, why do you think it’s OK to show up at 7:00?

2.) To Be Honest….it drives me crazy and makes me frustrated when people go out of town every weekend. Don’t you ever get tired of traveling? Why can’t you stay home and bring your kids to church instead?

3.) To Be Honest…I laugh and roll my eyes almost everyday because our upstairs neighbor does not have a bed. He sleeps in his recliner in his living room and SNORES very loudly….

4.) To Be Honest…I’m super frustrated with myself because I’ve gained a couple of pounds. Diet Dr. Pepper, ice cream, and chocolate are my nemesis.

5.)  To Be Honest…I get super frustrated when people can’t commit to stuff. You may have to make sacrifices in your schedule, but where are your priorities? Really?

6.) To Be Honest…I don’t understand why teenage girls like to hang out in the bathroom together. It just doesn’t make sense to me. (And why they think they have to shave or take a shower at my house–RIGHT THEN)

7.) To Be Honest….I’m super excited b/c I asked for an HEB gift card and/or $$ for my birthday. Isn’t that sad?! (But, honestly, I am very excited about it)!! The way to my heart is through grocery shopping! 🙂

8.) To Be Honest….Being a minister’s wife is HARD WORK! Especially when you have a strong opinion, like I do.

9.) To Be Honest….It drives me crazy when kids/teenagers do not listen and obey the 1st time….how hard is it?!! If I ask you to stop doing something, STOP DOING IT!

10.) To Be Honest….I wish, just once, I could get past the “fake smile” and “Doing fine” conversations I have at church…..they are so artificial and scripted….they drive me crazy!! (And yet, I’m guilty, just as much as the next person)….

11.) To Be Honest….I’m excited about the new Children’s activities we have planned for the fall. I just hope people are willing to step up and help!! 🙂 (See #5)

12.) To Be Honest…Keeping my mouth shut and biting my tongue (when my opinion is NOT wanted) is very hard (especially when I want to express my opinion)….

So, the next time you see “TBH” on FB, just remember….they’re probably not being completely “honest”–their “honesty” list is probably something a little different in their head.


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