Last Pre-Teen Camp post….

Well, after 8 loads of laundry yesterday, our clothes are all clean….

I’m still catching up on the DVR and enjoying not having to “watch” 8 kids 24 hours a day….

Adara and Melissa shooting bow and arrows

Adara and Melissa shooting BB guns

Paul and me….

our kids enjoying the A/C after bible study….

Madison and Melissa

Macie and Paul

Jalisa and Lindsey

kids enjoying Recreation time

Victoria using a slingshot

Melissa playing with the slingshot

Melissa and Adara

Jalisa, Melissa, and Madison


Lindsey and Melissa

Jared and Victoria going down the slide

our whole group

silly picture

And….after 4 days of spending 24/7 with 8 Pre-Teens….this is what we look like! 🙂

Sunburned, wind-blown, no make-up, and TIRED!!!

Paul and me–we survived!!



















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