Pre-Teen Camp 2012 Cont’d.

Well, Paul was up at 7:00 this morning, helping the little kids get ready to go to Children’s Camp today. They are going to Highland**Lakes, the same place we just got back from yesterday. I was able to sleep a little bit later, until about 9:30, when my mom called.

Now, the 3rd load of laundry is going and I’m catching up on the DVR….

Here are some more pictures:

Macie swimming in the lake

(Victoria), Adara, Melissa, and me after swimming in the lake

Adara about to go off the zipline

Adara “zipping”

Madison on the zipline

Melissa on top of the Leap of Faith and Madison climbing up

Melissa (upside down) and Madison after jumping off the Leap of Faith

Adara climbing up the Leap of Faith

Adara swinging on the trapeze


Adara and Melissa during Recreation

Jared and Jalisa going down the slide in the lake

Victoria climbing up the ladder

Lindsey about to go swimming in the lake

me going off the slide

Lindsey, me, and Jalisa at the lake

me during Indoor Craft time

Jared playing kickball

during Indoor Craft Time

Well, off to start another load of laundry


















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