Pre-Teen Camp 2012

Paul and I have now lived in Giddings (and served at FBC) for almost 6 months! 🙂 (It’ll be 6 months on the 7th of August)….

Back in March, I told the Children’s Committee that if they needed anyone to go to Pre-Teen Camp as a sponsor, I would be happy to go! So….no, I don’t have “sucker” stamped on my head–I volunteered! However, Paul was “volun-told” he was going! 🙂

So….here we are….our 2nd week of camp this summer. Youth Camp was 3 weeks ago (with 13 7th-12th graders) and now we just got home from Pre-Teen Camp (with 8 4th-6th graders). We had a great time but are very glad to be home!

I’ll do a couple of posts because I have so many pictures….they are in NO order b/c I am too tired (or too lazy) to organize them into different sections….

Paul and Victoria during Indoor Craft time

Madison playing kickball

Adara and Melissa

Paul and me

Lindsey, Adara, and Jalisa

Banana Boat on Lake Travis

Banana Boat on Lake Travis

Melissa fell in….

me “lounging” in the boat….

Adara, Madison, and Jalisa all fell in….

Jalisa blobbing Madison

Melissa and Madison waiting to go on the slide at the pool

Jared climbing up the slide at the lake

Lindsey jumping off the “Orbit”

Well, I’m off to go unpack….


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