Just Some Interesting Facts….

My dad is the middle (he says PERFECT) child in his family, sandwiched between my uncle, Tom, and my aunt, Ila. They were really close growing up and continue to be close even now…

Here’s their latest picture together (from Father’s Day 2012)….my aunt, Ila, lives in California now, with her husband, Johnnie, so we don’t see them quite so often, but we all really enjoy it when they come visit!

Anyway, my uncle, Tom, keeps a journal of his “daily happenings” and has also kept a lot of records and “journal entries” from my grandma and grandma, who have passed. Ila has the old diaries from my grandpa, and she’s been sending little diary “entries” to us via e-mail the last couple of days….they’ve been really funny!!

My mom sent me this information that I found very curious, funny, and made me a bit jealous:

Ila had measles Jan 1, 1948–Ila was not even 2 y/o

Paul had measles Jan 5, 1948–My dad was almost 5 y/o

Ila lost but later found asleep in bed Aug 10, 1948-Ila was not even 2 y/o (I just thought it was funny that she was “lost” but really was just in bed….)

Ila’s first haircut Jan 1948

Paul cut heel in water pipe at city lake July 2, 1948  Dr. bill $9.00-Dad was 5 1/2 y/o ($9.00 for a doctor’s visit)!! $9.00!! Can’t believe it?!! Can we say J-E-A-L-O-U-S of the “olden days”?!

Paul cut his arm at rodeo grounds June 30, 1949

Tom operated on for appendix Dec 22, 1949  Dr. bill $154.50-Tom was 9 y/o ($154.50 for surgery)!! $154.40!! It costs me more than that to just go to the doctor!?! J-E-A-L-O-U-S again!!

Tom had wreck with Paul in wagon Mar 5, 1950

Paul shot daddy in back with BB gun July 20, 1950-Dad was 7 1/2 y/o (I hadn’t heard this story; I may need to ask my dad about this)….I can picture Grandpa pretty angry about that one…

Paul got coon skin cap for birthday 1951

Teacher put cotton in Paul’s mouth to keep him from talking Apr 11, 1951-Dad was 8 y/o (I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read this; that’s funny)!!!

My aunt also sent this information today:

This is the best yet:

May 13, 45: Dad was about 2 1/2 y/o-Went to S.S. this morning  Paul H (my dad) pushed a piece of tape up his nose–we taken him to Dr to get it out. (He stuck a piece of tape up his nose)!!

Sat, March 17, 1945: My uncle, Tom, was almost 5 y/o … Jerry Tom got him a duck today

Sun, March 18, 1945:…Daddy (my grandpa) brought home an opossum for boys last nite

Mon, Mar 19, 1945: …Opossum killed Jerry Toms duck last night (That’s just funny to me)!!

Just funny stories about my dad and his siblings!!


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