A Night of Ministry

Exactly three months ago, I wrote this blog….about “Doing Church”–beyond the committees, the meetings, the prayers, the bible studies, the “right clothes”, the “right words”–we simply “did church.”

Well, here we are again. We “ministered” tonight and we were “ministered” to….

One of the Sunday School classes at our church had a party–it wasn’t the Sunday School I am a part of, but we went (because we were invited and because we’re loved, I guess). 🙂

I didn’t take my camera, but Jennifer had her phone. So, all of these pictures are hers!

Henlee taking a “snack break”

Henlee “swimming” with Jimmy

Kids playing on the floats and swimming

Toni and Jennifer

Holden jumping off the diving board


Riley flipping off the board

Hayden getting ready to “dive”



Hannah doing a “cannon ball”

Paul and me

Paul and me “swimming”

Thank you, Matt and Toni, for letting us come over! 🙂













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