Youth*Camp 2012 cont’d.

In the afternoons all the kids had free time from about 3-5. They had a blob, water activities, a ropes course, paintball, swimming, basketball, etc. I had a GREAT time during free time….

Victoria and Jaycie

Victoria on top of the Leap of Faith

Victoria touched the trapeze but couldn’t quite hold on….

me climbing up Leap of Faith

me on top of the Leap of Faith

Jaycie climbing up the Zipline

Jaycie going off Zipline

Victoria on the Zipline

Morgan on the Climbing Wall

Victoria on the Blob

Jaycie on the Blob

me on the Blob

(Stormi), Dana, Jaycie, and Victoria on the Water Teeter-Toter

Walker (and Tanner) on the paddleboats

Paul and me watching the kids at the Lake

The kids had a great time during Recreation and Free Time!!

Wesley, Jasmine, Jaycie, Dallas, and Morgan

Jaycie and me


Jasmine, Brianna, Morgan, Audrey, Jaycie, Dallas, and Dana

The Whole Group–Camp 2012!!

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