More Pictures of Hawaii

I know I went to Hawaii almost a month ago (time has gone by SO FAST) but I hadn’t seen my mom’s pictures….after I saw her pictures, I decided I needed to document some of hers since she took some different pictures than I did….

me in the pool at the graduation party on Saturday

Uncle Johnnie and Me at the party

Uncle Johnnie and Jeff at the party

Dad, Alika, and Mom

Mom before graduation

Alika walking across the stage at graduation

Marcy, Alika, and Jeff after graduation

As I mentioned in my earlier Hawaii post, my nephew, Kainoa, was glued to my side most of the time I was there. I have lots of pictures of him, but I didn’t have a lot of Kainani, my niece. Well, here are some pictures of her.

Kainani and the fish at the Hale Koa hotel

Kainani and the big banyan tree, Gus

sweet picture of her decorating her brother’s graduation sign

Dad on the lanai at the hotel

Dad and Uncle Johnnie on the Waikiki Beach

Monday night at Chili’s


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