Weekend in East Texas

This past weekend I went to East Texas (to my aunt/uncle’s house) with my Mom/Dad. My other aunt and uncle were visiting from California, so my dad’s side of the family got together to see each other, since they were in town. I had just seen them when we all went to Hawaii together, but I hadn’t seen my cousins and their kids since last summer, so it was good to visit with them….

Here are some pics:

Clint-16 (his dad, Judson, is my cousin

My Aunt Charlene and one of her granddaughters, Meagan-10

Hannah-14 and Meagan-10 (Cousins)

Uncle Tom, my dad, and Aunt Ila (siblings)

Aunt Ila and Hannah-14

Uncle Tom in his new hat!

Michelle-8, Clayton-5, Hannah-14, Meagan-10 (all siblings/cousins)

I LOVE this picture of Aunt Ila and Uncle Tom laughing–just brings joy to my heart!

Beautiful picture of my Aunt Charlene

I had a really good time visiting with everyone….. 🙂



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