Hawaii 2012-Tourist Days

After the first few days of running errands, helping my sister, and graduation, we were able to “play” a little bit…

Monday morning we went to Pokai Bay:

We made fun of my mom’s sunglasses–we told her she looked like a bug!!

my mom “stand-up paddling”

And…she fell….

my mom paddling

Kainoa on the beach

Uncle Johnie, Mom, and me at Pokai Bay

Tuesday Mom, Dad, Uncle Johnnie, Aunt Ila, and I all went to Pearl Harbor.

U.S.S. Missouri

crewman bunks

me on the U.S.S. Missouri

Dad on the Missouri

Arizona Memorial

American flag on the Memorial

me on the Arizona Memorial

Pacific Aviation Museum


Uncle Johnnie, Dad, and Aunt Ila looking at the Huey, what Uncle Johnnie flew in Vietnam

me in the Sikorsky Sea King

On Wednesday we spent the day at Marcy’s house, helping her clean and get ready to go out of town (they are coming to the mainland for about 3 weeks)….

You might’ve noticed that Kainoa is in a lot of my pictures. He was my “sidekick” for most of the week I was there. Kainani was there, too, but she wasn’t in near as many of my pictures. I’ll have to get pictures of her from my mom….

Overall, a good vacation. A little stressful at time. A little overwhelming with a lot of people and a lot of noise. A little too much traffic. A little too much chaos, but I am glad I went.

After not going to bed until 4:30AM, I slept today for 10 hours!! Now it’s back to household duties: laundry, cleaning, and unpacking…

Welcome Home!!


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