Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As I said yesterday, every year we have gone to a baseball game (major league and minor league) for our anniversary. Well, a “pro baseball game” was not in the cards for this year (at least not right now, maybe later)….

But, we were able to “take in a game” tonight!! A “coach pitch” softball game for 6-8 year olds! 🙂

We’ve gone to 3 or 4 Little League softball games over the last month or so (several of the kids in our church play Little League). It’s very fun entertainment for us (and it’s free)!!

So, yes, we did get to go to a baseball game (just not quite like the games we have gone to in the past)….

Hanna ready to bat with her pink helmet, pink bat, and pink ribbons on her shirt!

Hanna on 1st base

Brookland running home

And, for your sideline entertainment…

Paul playing “I Spy” with Hadley, Hayley, and Henlee

Hadley and Henlee LOVE playing with Paul

And, here’s our mandatory Anniversary Picture:

Our 6th Anniversary

It may not have been a “big league” game but it was fun nonetheless! 🙂



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