Going Home

When we moved back to Texas in February, I knew my parents were excited. They love having us closer to home…

My home. My hometown. Where I’m from.

So, we have come to know Highway 77 very well. We have met in Cameron three times in the last 2 months–Paul drops me off, my parents pick me up, and then we meet again in the next couple of days.

This past Tuesday we met again at Texas Burger to do the exchange…

Mom and I went shopping, went out to eat, went to a movie, and then this morning we went to Homestead Heritage.

We went to the Fiber Craft building

wool straight from the sheep

worker "combing" the wool

ladies spinning the wool to make yarn

hand-spun yarn

a worker weaving on the loom

We also went to the Potter’s House

a worker making a lid for a ceramic pot

We also ate at the Homestead Cafe’–they were super busy but the food was pretty good….


mom and me

It was very windy!!

Overall, a very good visit….



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