“Doing Church”

I want to try to blog about this while it’s fresh on my mind….

What does it mean to “do church?” What does it look like and how does it play out in the real world?

Throughout our history the “purpose” of church has changed significantly and can certainly mean different things to different people.

  • For some, the church is viewed as a hospital–a place to “fix me” from my sin (to make me feel better)….
  • For some, the church is a social gathering, similar to Facebook, but face-to-face. (Although, isn’t it funny we put stuff out on Facebook that we would NEVER say out loud to people in real life)….and the art of “vaguebooking” is genius–it automatically makes people say “Oh, what’s wrong?” But, in real life (and especially in the church) people ask you, “How are you?” but they really don’t want to know the answer. A-N-Y-W-A-Y….
  • For some, the church is a place to find entertainment. Put me in the front of the stage, I want to be “entertained.”
  • For some, the church is a home base for their own mission and outreach, beyond the church walls.
  • For some, the church is just another event on the calendar, right there beside kids soccer, men’s fishing trip, women’s luncheons, and couples therapy.
  • For some, the church has no place in their life at all.
  • For some, they attend church just on the basis of, “What value does this experience add to my life?” This question is even more important in our culture today because it can easily be replaced in some other way, depending on your calendar….

So, what does it mean to “do church?”

To “do church” means:

  • Cooking hamburgers on the grill

  • The men all standing around while Cole cooks hamburgers on the grill

To “do church” means:

  • Hadley and Hayden playing with the neighborhood dog

  • Daylin, Bailey, and Aislynn playing with the neighborhood dog

To “do church” means:

  • Terry, Laci, Callie, Reina, and Adara sitting around the table talking and eating

To “do church” means:

  • Walker and Paul hanging out together

To “do church” means:

  • Sitting around the table, playing games

  • playing a silly game of Scattegories

To “do church” means:

  • spending time with your family…no matter how goofy they are!

To “do church” means….

To love, to laugh, to talk, to commune, to bless, to play, and to be.

It’s not about committee meetings, agendas, voting, bible study, or even praying….it is about a community of believers sitting around doing life….together….and that’s what we did tonight.

Tonight we “did church.” And, I invite you anytime to come “do church” with me.

Beyond the clothes, the stereotypes, the age discrimination, the boundaries…we simply lived, laughed, and loved…..we were simply “doing church.”


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