Just Some Words….

I’ve decided my life is pretty boring….now that I stay at home all day, nothing much happens. And, I can’t really take pictures of myself–that would be weird. Besides, what I do is not that interesting….

Laundry on Mondays

Go to Brenham on Tuesdays

Clean on Wednesdays

Clean the bathrooms on Thursday (Paul shaves on Wednesday for church, so it’s pointless for me to clean before he shaves)

Paul is off on Fridays, so depending on the Friday, we usually do something….

So, that’s my week(s) in a nutshell….

We did have some “new” things last week, I guess….

I have started a Beth Moore bible study on Tuesday nights at our church: Esther. I’ve never done a Beth Moore bible study, so we’ll see how it goes. When the idea came up to do the bible study, it was just 4 or 5 ladies in the church that thought about doing it. Well, last Tuesday night we had 14 and this Tuesday night we will probably have around 20! And, the best thing is….probably half of the people don’t go to our church!! What an awesome community outreach! 🙂 I was certainly blessed to see all those women there that I didn’t know….I can only do 4 bible studies before I have to go to Hawaii, but I’ll enjoy them while I can….

(The homework, though, is KILLER!! I felt like I was in Christian History all over again-YIKES)!!!

This past Thursday night we went to a Matthew West/Casting Crowns concert in Austin. There is a couple in our church that was going (with their two teenage boys and their friends) and they invited us, too. So, thank you, Chris and Sandra, for a fun night out!

Friday and Saturday I participated at the Food Pantry again. You can read more about that here. I really do enjoy it and have come to really love going there! This past Friday and Saturday each person got to take home around 43 pounds of food!  🙂

On Saturday night we went over to a friend’s house for dinner! Gene and Julia have been super sweet to us, and we really enjoy visiting with them and getting to know them more! And, their son, Josh, is really fun, too! Josh volunteers at the Food Pantry as well and two or three people got him confused with Paul and I thought I was married to Josh!! (They both have the same body build and both have facial hair)….I tried to correct them, but they got confused….so I just let it be….

Today was an absolute perfect weather day! It was cool and rainy all day….I bet it never reached 75 degrees!! PERFECT!! I ran this morning and it was 60 degrees outside!! Wonderful….

Well, I guess it’s back to my exciting life. Paul is playing on the computer and I’m watching Netflix….



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