Good Friday Fish Fry

On Friday afternoon, after our Good Friday service at church, we had a Fish Fry with some of our friends from church….

Mike frying up the fish for us....fresh caught out of Lake Somerville

Hadley stopping to get a drink...the kids played HARD.

Bayley or Daylin (I'm not sure which one) riding her "off-road" tricycle

The other one (Bayley or Daylin)--and the ladies chatting in the background

Warren playing on JB's scooter

Jennifer, Riley, Zayden, and Gina talking

Ricardo, his wife, and Amy talking

Henlee taking a "drink break"

Zayden wanting to ride the "big bike"

Hadley decorating his cupcake

Hanna decorating her cupcake

Henlee hitting the pinata (I love her expression and Matt's)

the big kids watching the little ones

Abraham taking a swing at it....

And the diving for candy begins....

And, just because….here are the tulips my mom sent us for Easter….

pretty flowers

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