Jr. High District Track Meet

On Monday afternoon Paul and I went over to Caldwell to watch a little bit of the Jr. High Track Meet. We knew 4-5 kids who were participating…

Right when we got there we saw Colton do the pole vault (but I didn’t get my camera out in time)….

We immediately walked over to triple jump and saw Kyle

(We obviously timed it just right)….

Kyle in mid-jump....

He ended up placing 5th

good shot, except I cut off his head....

After watching Kyle we walked over and watched discus….Jasmine was throwing right as we got there.


Jasmine got 1st place in shot put and discus, as a 7th grader….

We also watched Kyle run the relay…

the pass off (Kyle ran the 2nd leg)

Kyle running

I think Giddings placed 2nd in the 8th grade 400M relay

We had a good time…



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