Independence, Texas

Since living here, I’ve tried to go to Brenham every Tuesday (that’s when Weight Watchers meets)….so, I go to Weight Watchers to weigh-in and then I usually go shopping at Wal-Mart….

Today, after weighing in, I drove over to Independence, Texas….

Independence is the home of Baylor University…

I should’ve worn my Baylor shirt….

I wonder if, 167 years ago, they imagined that the Baylor Lady Bears would be in the running for their 2nd NCAA National Championship title….

Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana--"For Church, For State"

And, might I add, “For NCAA National Championship 2012” 🙂

They had a really nice gravel path around the area and also beautiful flowers…

Right next to the Baylor University landmark is Antique Rose Emporium….

Should be called Antique Rose Nursery….it was really pretty….

A pretty pond (The "Water Gardens")

an abstract picture of the windmill

beautiful flowers

Of course, the idea is that you can walk around and buy flowers–either annuals or perennials…I don’t have a garden (or even a yard, for that matter) so I just walked around the looked…

beautiful canopy of trees....

They also had a chapel on site, as well…I’m not sure it was open or “usable” but it would be pretty for wedding pictures….

proof I was there (since I was by myself)

they had weird trees made out of glass bottles....

After going to Independence, I went back to Brenham to walk around downtown for a bit…

I went to their locally owned christian bookstore….I saw this Bible and just rolled my eyes….Really?

this made me go, "What?!"

I don’t mind the Berenstain Bears at all…but for a Bible….?

After the bookstore I went to Must Be Heaven, a local deli and ice cream shop.

It was SUPER YUMMY and SUPER crowded! I went at 1:30 and the line was almost to the door….

Check out their website: Must Be Heaven

Then, of course, I did the trip to Wal-Mart….always fun!



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