Claire and I are BFF’s

Shortly after we moved to Illinois, in February of 2009, we decided we needed to buy a GPS for the car. After getting lost a couple of times trying to get to Job Fairs at various colleges around central Illinois (and ending up in a corn field), Naveeda joined our family. Naveeda was our 1st GPS. She met her fate and died sometime in 2010, after Paul dropped her on the ground and shattered the screen.

Claire joined our family last year. She has taken us many places and even helped us find a new home in Texas. Claire and I really have a love/hate relationship, which is indicative to being best friends. Paul will tell you that I question Claire on a daily basis, if we are using her to travel to an unfamiliar location. I usually like to have the atlas right next to me, looking at that as well as listening to Claire talk in her British voice, seducing my husband, the driver, to turn in 500 ft. Nine times out of ten Claire is right (in eventually getting us to our destination) but she frustrates me because she is always “recalculating” or leading us down strange roads….(on our way to Texas she sent us down a gravel road, in the 16ft Penske truck with a car trailer, going 35MPH at 7:30AM)….enough said.

Well, today I went to Austin and Claire was my guide. We did have a few “words” when she kept telling me to turn right to go “SOUTH” when it was “NORTH” but overall, we survived. There was one point, when I had to go up on an overpass, that I was genuinely nervous. That sucker was HIGH!! There were about 3 overpasses UNDERNEATH the one I was on…it was crazy!

But, nonetheless, I made it. I missed a couple of exits (b/c of the crazy TWO-LEVEL highway they have downtown) but I made it to 6th street. That’s right. I went to 6th street! It was its own website! Of course I was there at 10:45 in the morning, so not much was going on, except the Starbucks looked a little crowded….

I ended up at Mellow Johnny’s, Lance Armstrong’s bike shop in downtown Austin. I went for Bob, our pastor and friend in Illinois (Hi Bob)! I was definitely out of my element, considering I’m not a bike rider, but Bob would’ve loved it.

After visiting downtown I hoped back on I-35 and went north. I ended up at Old Navy, Family Christian bookstore, Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, Sports Authority…and all the while Claire is leading me (sometimes the wrong direction).

But, I made it home. Alive and in one piece. Just in time to watch the Lady Bears beat Florida!



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