Austin Rodeo

I wish I had an excuse of why it’s been almost 10 days since I blogged last, but sadly, I don’t have one. Last week our week just didn’t have much going on….work for Paul, Brenham for me, and church for both of us. Nothing too exciting, I guess. It also rained for about 3 days straight, so we didn’t do much because we couldn’t go anywhere….

On Sunday I went to Rodeo Austin with our friend, Kelli, and her kids. They had an extra ticket, so I just tagged along. We saw Bull Riding, saw Chris Young (country singer) in concert, and then the kids rode a bunch of rides at the fair.

Bull Riding

Bull Riding

Mutton busting

Rodeo Austin sign

Chris Young

A couple of random pictures that I had on the camera.

Bluebonnets in Brenham

Trucks in the church parking lot

I just love seeing all the “country” trucks in the church parking lot.


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