Grown-Up Decisions

When Paul accepted the call to come to Giddings as the Minister of Youth and Worship, we knew we wanted to get here sooner than later. The church didn’t necessarily give us a “start date”–just as soon as we could get here, Paul could start. So, in order to move, we had to find a place to live. We really wanted a house but just didn’t feel right about diving head first into buying a home because we were so unfamiliar with the area, community, etc. If we could’ve found a house to rent, we would’ve, but in January, there was nothing available. So, we settled on the apartment that we have now.

We are on a 6-month lease–I have not lived in an apartment since 2005, when I moved to Abilene to start seminary, so having neighbors again has been quite an adjustment. I “like” the apartment, but I don’t think it’s something we will stay in long term.

So….Paul has started to look at houses. It is SUCH A GROWN-UP thing to do….I told Paul tonight—“I don’t want to be an adult and make adult decisions”–it just seems so daunting and overwhelming….

I’ll admit…I’m kind of a “house snob.” I want something nice. I want something new. I want something that is “move-in ready.” I hate painting. I hate remodeling. I hate fixing things….

Perhaps my “princess attitude” is shining through. 🙂

Well, on our budget (which we don’t really even have–we’re just making it up as we go along), we can’t afford nice and new. We can afford turquoise, 1950’s style kitchen, brown wood paneling, and ugly-colored awnings. YUCK….

I really, really, really want to rent a house. I don’t want to buy. It just seems like such a grown-up decision…

So, if you read this and live around us, keep your eye out for a rent house for us….


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