Giddings 5K

This past Saturday I ran in the 1st Annual Emmett Ha*nes 5K here in Giddings. I told Paul on Friday night that all I wanted to do was place–even if it was just 3rd place, I really wanted to get an award. I was hoping because it was the 1st Annual one that there would not be that many people there (so maybe I would have more of a chance)…..

So, Saturday morning I ran the 5K in 29:56, 3 SECONDS shy of my personal record! In Bastrop last Saturday I ran my personal best, 29:53, so I was hoping to do that again on Saturday….but no such luck!

When it was over, they had the awards ceremony…they called my name for 3rd place in my age division. I was so excited!!  🙂

And then….

They took it away! They had a computer “glitch” with one of the girl’s ages, so she actually got third, not me. So….I was nice and gave my award back.

So, disappointing morning b/c I missed my personal record and I got my award stripped away….

But, overall it was a very successful 5K for the Rotary Club!

Mary Ross and me

Mary Ross and me

(Here’s the only proof I have that I was there; Mary is a lady from our church)


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