Bluebonnet 5K Run in Bastrop


When we moved back to Texas, I was determined to keep up with my running!!  I had done so well in Illinois (after, of course, my small setback in September)–so I was NOT going to fall behind. We’ve lived here for almost 3 weeks. I can successfully say I have run about 4 times a week since we moved here. I usually do 2-3 miles every time, except for 2 weeks ago when I ran 4 miles (but I haven’t done that again….yet).

I also knew I wanted to another 5K run. I did one back in January (when we were here on vacation), so I wanted to do one in February, too. I drove over to Bastrop this morning (at 7:45, after not getting back until from the game until midnight).

Anyway, I just randomly found a 5K run that I wanted to do. So, I did it this morning….

I ran my best 5K time ever!!


I have only one picture to prove it because I was by myself so no one was there to take pictures for me….

Bluebonnet 5K Run T-shirt

I’m very tempted to do a 10K in March! We’ll see….

I’ve already mapped out a 5 mile run to do this week….maybe by March 9th I can be up to 6 miles….

Here are some pictures from the race (that were taken by the photographer)!!

I was trying to get past the two little boys in front of me–but I didn’t make it! But, in my defense, they just started running when we rounded the curve to come into the finish chute–they didn’t run the entire time, so they still had more speed to burn off!

I don’t know what is up with my face in this picture….

(And, apparently, I run with my thumbs pointing straight up! And, no, that does not mean I’m Aggie)!!


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