We Had a Steamin’ **HOT** Valentine’s Day

In Illinois we had a gas stove/oven….

(You can see it in the left corner)

The door of the oven didn’t quite shut, so we had to “bungee cord” it to the microwave (that didn’t work) above the stove. The oven also didn’t work very well. You had to turn the right burner on for the oven to “catch” and the fire to come on and heat the oven.

In order to cook in the oven, you had to put the temperature on about 450-500 and cook everything for about 30 minutes longer than normal. So, if you were cooking a pizza for 12-17 minutes, it would take about 30-40 minutes….

It was a pain, but we got used to it!! 🙂

Well, in our new apartment we have an electric oven/stove. Definitely different. I’ve used the oven before (I used it on Monday to make muffins) but I haven’t used the stove yet….

Well, last night was NOT my night….

I was going to cook some chicken on the stove top. I turned the burner on, put some olive oil in a pan and threw the chicken in. In our trailer, you could put a lid on it and come back in about 15 minutes or so to “check on it.” So, that’s what I did here….I went back into the bedroom.

In about 5 minutes,

Paul yelled at me from the living room: “Honey, are you burning something?”

Me: “Uuummm…..no.”

Paul: “Well, there’s smoke in the room.”

I walk in the living room/kitchen and there’s smoke everywhere!!

I immediately opened up the front door and lifted up the windows–

There was smoke everywhere (our apartment is pretty small)!

Pretty soon, ALL THREE smoke alarms were going off!

(Good to know, they work)!

Well, here’s the end result:

Looks good, huh?!  🙂

The apartment was smoky for quite awhile….

Lesson learned: this stove cooks much faster! Do NOT walk away from the stove….and, the oven, cooks at the appropriate temperature and for the right amount of time–who knew they could do that?!

Needless to say, we did not have chicken for dinner….




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