Did You Know….

  1. One of our neighbors has a very loud diesel truck. Every morning he has to “crank it” at least 3 times for it to “catch” and turn on! Which means we have to hear it every morning. I just want to yell out the window—“It’s not going to start, stop trying!” (And yet, he continues to try to start it)….
  2. It is exactly 3.14 miles round trip from our apartment to church. I ran it yesterday.
  3. Because church is so close (only 1.57 miles) we can get to church in 5 minutes. Much closer than CCC (which took about 20 minutes). I took Paul to church today at 4:45, came home for an hour and then went back. We couldn’t do that in Illinois…
  4. We have a dishwasher AND a disposal. They are nice and I’m enjoying them….
  5. Paul is really enjoying having restaurants close to us again. (It might not be so good for our waistlines, though)….and Sonic Happy Hour is going to KILL US!!
  6. I attended an adult Sunday School class for the 1st time since the fall of 2005. In Robert Lee I taught 4th-6th grade S.S. At Ovalo I taught Pre-school S.S. At CCC I didn’t attend S.S.–it was nice; I enjoyed it!
  7. We joined the church this morning. We met a million people (OK, slight exaggeration, but it was a lot), all lining up to say hello, introducing themselves, and giving us hugs. I wish everyone wore name tags, so I could remember their names.
  8. Living where we live, I can walk (all within about 2 miles) to the: library, Dairy Queen, grocery store, gas station, Sonic and the bank. I think I will enjoy running errands…
  9. I am going to go to Weight Watchers in Brenham tomorrow night. I have not weighed in in about 2 weeks. I am fully prepared to pay because I am probably over my Goal Weight (+2)…
  10. I miss my sweet little kids tonight….every Sunday night (in Illinois) I babysat for Ethan, Andi, Lucas, Adam, and Lucy….Shannon told me that Andi really wanted me to come over tonight…. 😦
  11. I’m anxious to see what this week is going to hold…

Have a great week!!


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