Different Strokes

I had a momentary lapse of homesickness today. I cried. I felt sorry for myself. I curled up in the fetal position and ate caramel popcorn (b/c it was from my friend, Gabe, who lives in Illinois, so it was like eating something from home).

But, I got over it. We went and had a good time with our new church family (the S.S. class I’m going to attend had a dinner tonight and we went and crashed it–inviting ourselves at the last minute).

There are certainly things that are different here. Things that I will have to adjust to–

Good things:

1.) NO MICE!!  I’ve left a bag of cookies and 3 peppermints on the kitchen counter for 3 whole days and NO MICE! No chew marks. No mice droppings. No traps that got set off. What a GLORIOUS feeling! (If you didn’t know, we had a slight mouse problem at camp–6 mice in 3 days right before we left to move here–NOT FUN)!!

2.) A dishwasher. I haven’t had one of those in 3 years. Of course we use so little utensils, plates, bowls, cups, etc. it’ll take all week to fill it up

3.) “New to us” washer/dryer. They’ve been used before, obviously because someone lived here before us, but they are new to us. They are stack-able and in our apartment. They are teeny-tiny and don’t hold very many clothes, but they are better than our old ones that didn’t wash (or dry) very well.

4.) Sunlight through the windows. In the trailer we had really ugly, dirty, double-paned windows with broken screens, so we never opened the blinds and kept the curtains closed. Well, here, we have nice, pretty, clean windows so I’ve opened the blinds everyday and let the sun light in (It also saves on electricity b/c I don’t turn the lights on during the day).

5.) I already mentioned that I have a pantry and a linen closet; those are new to us and they are nice.

6.) I can “walk” to town. In Lacon I would never walk to town b/c it was too far (and too cold/too hot, depending on the season). Here I can walk to the library, Dairy Queen, and maybe Brookshire’s (I haven’t done the mileage to the grocery store yet). If I was real ambitious, I could walk to church (I haven’t done it yet, but I might try it next week).

Different Things:

1.) Concrete floors (my feet hurt–enough said).

2.) Neighbors besides us and above us (but I am grateful we have a corner apartment, so we only have one neighbor next door and not two).

3.) Having to remember to lock the front door when you leave (I haven’t owned a house key in three years)

4.) Having to manage schedules with just one car (if I want to go somewhere, I have to make sure Paul can get where he needs to go–at camp we also had the option of a camp vehicle, if we needed it)

5.) Not having Lacon Fitness and Tan available. Oh man, Amanda, I miss you already!

6.) Meeting Getting to know new people. There’s a big difference between meeting new people and actually getting to know new people. The 2nd one is a lot harder.

7.) Getting lost. I’ve gotten lost everyday since we’ve been here. I have GOT TO LEARN which way Houston is and which way Austin is. I’ve called a new friend twice, asking her where something is, and she says, “Which way are you going–toward Austin or Houston? I DON’T KNOW!!

8.) Supporting Paul in his ministry (this is not new, just different). Taking things one step at a time. People are bombarding him with suggestions, ideas, questions….it’s hard to take it all in…discerning what is necessary, disregarding what is not good, and finding a balance of being the “new kid in town” and allowing God to work through all things in all situations.

9.) Finding good Mexican food. I wasn’t overly impressed with Los Patrones the first time I went (maybe I ordered the wrong thing).

So, as I said. I will adjust. There may be a few more pity-parties along the way–but I’ll come around.

Different strokes for different folks.

Things in Texas are different from things in Illinois…that’s what it’s all about. And that’s OK.



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