(Tap, Tap) Is This Thing On?

OK, I’m going to step up on my soapbox for just a minute….

As you obviously know, we have moved back to Texas. Paul and I are both originally from Texas–we grew up in Texas, we went to college in Texas, we got married in Texas, we went to seminary in Texas, and we worked in Texas…until 2009, when we moved to Illinois. We lived in Illinois for exactly 3 years (to the month) and then we moved back. We have been here for 3 days–3 whole days!! The following question has been asked of me 2 different times (by the same person) in the past 3 days!!

So, are you going to give your parents grandchildren now that you are back in Texas?

First of all, let me say:

1.) You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about Paul and me (or our relationship).

2.) You don’t know my parents. You don’t know they already have 5 grandchildren (so it’s not like I’m their only hope of ever having grandchildren).

3.) You don’t know about how Paul and I feel about children. You know nothing about our desires to want/not want children. You know nothing about our dreams of (MAYBE) one day adopting children.

4.) You don’t know that we could’ve easily given my parents grandchildren while living in Illinois. We didn’t, but we could’ve. It doesn’t take crossing state lines to get pregnant.

Instead of making comments about us having children, why don’t you ask about me–where I’m from, my family, how Paul and I met, etc?

Not if we are going to now procreate to satisfy my parents desire to have grandchildren!

OK, I’m off. Good Night

(Turn off microphone).



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