Life in our New Town

The past 2 days have been a day of reflection and of observation….

1.) As I mentioned in the last post, the S.S. classes at FBC blessed us with food. One of the items they gave us was a 5lb. bag of baby carrots. We like carrots, but that’s A LOT of carrots for 2 people. So, I thought to myself, “I’ll go share some with Ember.” Nope. Can’t do that anymore….an 18 hour drive is a little far just to share a bag of carrots.

2.) The Texas accent is alive and well here in Giddings….we laughed out loud when we heard our neighbor outside, talking on his phone….he had a very southern drawl–we are home.

3.) Everything is bigger in Texas! People have very big, loud trucks! Especially our neighbors who, by the way, go to work every morning at 6:30AM (trust me, we’ve heard them the past 2 mornings)–only b/c we’ve been awake already)!

4.) Running outside, in February, is a beautiful thing–I ran 1.5 miles this morning walked about 1/2 mile this afternoon

5.) It felt good today, when I called Lori at CCC (to ask her for a phone number), and she said, “I almost e-mailed you this morning because I needed you. I figured it out, but I almost e-mailed you.” It’s good to be missed.

6.) I’m going to have to sweep EVERYDAY!! because we have concrete floors and they get dusty very easily….(but the good thing is, they are “stained” so in certain places it looks like there’s something on the floor, when there’s really not, so I can use that as an excuse–like the dust is supposed to be there–when people come over)!

7.) I love not working with Paul. (I don’t mean to sound ugly or rude towards him, but it’s just nice not to see each other all day, every day). He’s come home from work the past two days and I’ve actually been able to ask him how his day is going (b/c I didn’t already know)!

8.) I went to the bank today to ask about opening up a checking account….the lady gave me a brochure (for me to take home to Paul). She asked me why we moved here (for a job?). I said, “Yes, my husband works at First Baptist now, as the new youth minister.” She responds, “Oh, yeah, I heard about him.” (I’m not sure if that is good or bad).

9.) It took me $7.00 to wash all of the Illinois mud/dirt off of our car. I’m pretty sure there was a least three years of CAMP DIRT underneath that car….it was a sentimental moment watching all the dirt go down the drain in Texas….and I still don’t think I got it all.

10.) I went grocery shopping today. It’s difficult to have to stock your entire pantry and refrigerator. I spent $185….I don’t think I’ve EVER spent that much money at the grocery store before. I’ve made 3 meals since living here. Salad, Ham Salad, and Frito Salad. (Hey, when you’ve got LOTS of spinach, tomato, and carrots you eat SALAD at EVERY MEAL)!!

our 1st meal in our new home


our 2nd meal---isn't it pretty!?

11.) I went and joined the library this afternoon (that’s where I walked this afternoon–with only one car, I have to figure out my own way around town–and my bike tires were not aired up enough)….they don’t have free InterLibrary Loan, which I was kind of bummed about, but I did check out 3 books, so that should last me through the weekend. When I left the library to walk home (about 6 blocks) the school bus had just dropped the kids off at the next corner. So, here I am with my backpack (gotta have a way to carry my books) walking down the street with the kids and their backpacks. I wondered if people driving by might think I was a high school kid….

12.) Tonight is the first time I’ve heard our neighbors upstairs–they sound like they are stomping on the ceiling!! (This could be bad)! It’s definitely weird having neighbors!!

13.) I’m LOVING having a pantry and a linen closet…..those are 2 luxuries I have not had and they are glorious!!!  🙂  So much room!!

14.) My allergies are KICKING MY BUTT!! I’ve been sniffing and sneezing since we got here! I don’t know, but I think the lady that lived here before us had a cat….when I was sweeping the 1st day I swept up a lot of white hair–like cat hair. And, of course, I’m allergic to cats! So, I’m hoping that goes away quickly….or it could just be regular Texas allergies, but either way, this is pretty miserable.

15.) Life is different. It’s new, exciting, challenging, a little scary….and just different. I’ll adjust. I’ll make do. I’ll learn to adapt.

I have to. I have neighbors now. I have a street in front of my house now. I have lights streaming in my front window now. We have a new church home now. We have a new church family now. We have new friends now.

Now, this is our life in our new town.


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