Day Three of The Great Move of 2012

We now have internet at home….YAY!! 🙂 (Or, as Bob says I should says:  YEE-HAW)!!!

This past Tuesday we got up at 5:45AM and were on the road at 6:30AM!!!  IN THE MORNING!! After going down a dirt, gravel road, (in the dark), winding in and out of the country (thanks to the GPS), going 25MPH, we finally found a major highway!!

Lesson learned: Claire, our GPS (yes, she has a name), gets very mad when you are not able to make a U-Turn….sorry, it’s just not possible in a 16-ft. truck with a car trailer on the back….

We arrived in Giddings about 9:15 on Tuesday morning. Paul’s dad met us about 9:30 to help us unload.

Paul and his dad moving in our stuff


our bedroom-BEFORE

(I’ll show you the AFTER picture in another post)

our living room-BEFORE

(Again, I’ll show you an AFTER picture later)

the hallway and the 2nd bedroom-BEFORE

The 2nd bedroom is still a “work in progress” because it’s Paul’s computer room, so there are boxes, cables, and wires everywhere….

our random stuff on the patio--it hadn't found a home yet inside

(Of course, that picture was taken 2 days ago; it is inside now)

food was brought to us


a wonderful fruit bowl

Two of the Sunday School classes at our new church brought us food….they brought milk, eggs, bread, crackers, condiments, fruit, ham, fish, ice, salad stuff, etc!!  It has been wonderful!!  🙂 Thank you so much for the love (along with the cookies and coffee cake Melissa brought us)!

So, Tuesday morning was spent unpacking and getting everything inside….and what did we do on Tuesday afternoon….we went to Bastrop to buy this!

we had to buy a new TV for the living room

Don’t we have our priorities straight?!!  🙂 We’ve lived in this new town for less than 6 hours and we’ve already gone to Best Buy!!

Tuesday night we both crashed at 9:30PM!!  Paul never goes to bed that early–we were tired!!!


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