Packin’ Up and Headin’ Out

On Sunday, January 15th Paul accepted the job as Minister of Youth and Worship at FBC in Giddings, TX. After spending 9 days in Texas, we returned to Illinois to start packing up the trailer….

Here’s the process…

Doesn’t everyone wash dishes in the sink—with shampoo, might I add, b/c I ran out of dishwashing soap

Our kitchen on Thursday, January 26th

Our kitchen on Thursday, February 2nd

The “extra” bedroom on Thursday, January 26th

The “extra” bedroom on Thursday, February 2nd

Our empty kitchen cupboards

The living room on Thursday, January 26th

The living room on Sunday, February 5th

our rental truck

Jim, riding our rental truck in our driveway

Paul and Hannah “helping”

Loading up the truck

We had LOTS of “little friends” helping–Jacob and Hannah carrying a table

Leo ABOUT to fall in the mud (I think he was chasing the dog)

LOTS AND LOTS of mud went through the trailer yesterday

Leo helping sweep the kitchen on Saturday

Loading the car onto the trailer

Mark Kelly helping with the car

All ready to go!


I will put up more pictures tomorrow!!  We’re in Arkansas, ready for bed….we’ve got another long day tomorrow!


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