Bound for the Brave

If you remember, I did a 5K while I was in Texas last weekend! I think I did pretty good on my time (30:58), considering I hadn’t run a full 5K distance since August. I still run about 3-4 times a week, but not 3.1 miles at a time-usually only 2.

Well, tonight I went on the Waco Striders Club website, just to see if they had any pictures up from the race (they didn’t). But, they did have results….

And, believe it or not, I won 1st PLACE in my age division….

Here’s the proof:

There were 8 women in my age group and the closest next time to me was 5 minutes!

It’s almost as if I’m a real runner (remember this post)!

I just couldn’t believe it….

Now I wish I would’ve put that I lived in Illinois, instead of Texas (that would’ve really impressed them). I put my parent’s address as my registration address b/c we’re only going to live here for 10 more days….

Well, here’s to my next 5K that will probably be in March!



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