Our Vacation in Texas

After our weekend in Giddings, we stayed in Texas for another 7 days….I spent most of my time in Waco with my parents and Paul spent most of his time in Temple with his dad and his sister.

On Monday I totally surprised my parents….it was great!

Here’s the link about that story….

On Monday night I was able to go over and visit with the Derrick’s, a sweet, sweet family that I have known since I was a senior in high school. I am really excited to be closer to them, as well as my parents.

It was really warm most of the week we were in Texas.

Do you see the temperature?

Most days it was around 75 degrees…on Thursday it even got up to 78! Definitely warmer than Illinois! I enjoyed running outside 4 times while I was there. I even ran a 5K while I was at my parent’s.

On Tuesday I did go weigh-in at Weight Watchers in Waco…I was pleased with the results-I had lost 1.4 pounds from January 10th.

On Wednesday Paul and I went back to Giddings to look at an apartment complex. There are no rent houses in Giddings (much to our dismay), so we had to settle on an apartment. We did get approval for the apartment yesterday (Tuesday) and we “got” our address today (Wednesday). The apartment is not ideal (it’s pretty small), but I think it will be sufficient for us until we can find someplace else (or we may learn to love the apartment and stay there)….

We also ate at Whataburger, which I LOVE!!




On Thursday, while I was there visiting my mom and I had lunch with my sweet friend, John Ray. I have been friends with John since 2002…I met them while I worked at CABC (in Waco). He and his wife, Shirley, were always so sweet to me—Shirley passed away this past July, but I still remain in close contact with John.

John Ray and me

As soon as I found out we were going to Waco I was determined I wanted to go to a Baylor basketball game. I didn’t really care if it was a boy’s game or a girl’s game, as long as I got to go. Well, tickets were sold out for the boy’s game (except for single seats), so I wasn’t very hopeful that I would get to go. But, one of dad’s law partners gave us his season tickets for the boy’s game, so I got to go!

Baylor Boys


Baylor Boys

But, I think I was bad luck because they lost!

On Sunday we made the trek back to Austin to fly out. We made it to Dallas (only about a 30 minute flight), but when we got to Dallas our flight from Dallas to Peoria was cancelled because of fog in Peoria. They didn’t have any other flights going out that night either (obviously b/c of the fog) so we were re-booked for the next day. So, we went to a hotel and enjoyed an “extra night of vacation.” We did finally fly out on Monday (re-routed to Chicago) and made it home on Monday night!

I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation and am excited that we will see family again soon! We even left stuff in Texas (at my parent’s house and Paul’s dad’s house), knowing we could get it in a month….

This past Tuesday, all of my out-to-eat meals and lack of fruits/veggies caught up with me….I will NOT publish what I weighed but it was not pretty. Operation lose 5 pounds by next Tuesday is in the works!!



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