TEXAS, Don’t Mess with Us!

If you haven’t already heard, we are moving! Back to Texas….

Texas don't mess with us!

This sign was on my desk when I went back to work today…..a lovely gift from Bob, my boss and our pastor. He is definitely sad to see us go!

Here’s another momento from him…

Every work day at CCC (church) I have a “to-do” list for myself of stuff that has to be done for that particular day (and I check them off as I complete them)…

Do you see it?

Bob wrote on there: “Inform TX we will not be coming, going to stay in Chillicothe instead.” (and beside the ___ he wrote, “insert check here.”)

I’m really going to miss that job….

But, nonetheless, yes, we are moving! In two weeks! Paul has accepted the call to be the Minister of Youth and Worship at FBC Giddings. Giddings is on Highway 290 b/w Austin and Houston. The “big cities” close by are Austin, College Station, and Houston (all within an hour/hour and a half from Giddings)….

the city sign....

the outside of the church

Paul is very excited to be back in the ministry of a church and be on a church staff. The church (for the most part) is excited for him to come. It was a 94% vote to call him–you’re always going to have people who say no, no matter who it is or what they are going to do.

We left on Friday, January 13th to fly to Austin (from Peoria). When we left, it looked like this.

outside of our hotel window on Thursday, the 12th


the hotel parking lot


snow covered ground outside of the plane window

When we landed in Dallas (for our layover), it looked like this:

flying into Dallas-no snow!


no snow on the ground

Here we are in the plane, waiting to land

On Friday night we met some of the youth (the regulars), just to have a time to hang out and have pizza (you know pizza is a staple at most youth fellowships).

the FBC sign off of 290

Then, on Saturday morning, we met with the choir and the worship committee (I think–I don’t remember everybody that was there)….

After that meeting we met the search committee for lunch….sadly my lunch wasn’t very good, but hopefully I just ordered the wrong thing…

Over the entire weekend we stayed with a family from the church. They have a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L home out in the country, right past Camp Tejas (if you know where that is)….This picture does not do their house justice….

I loved staying with them….they were so nice and so down-to-earth….(we joked with them that if we couldn’t find a place to live, that we could just move in with them)!

On Sunday we went to church, so Paul could teach Youth Sunday School and play a special in church.

Paul in front of the church sign

the sanctuary

We enjoyed meeting the people in the church (very few of which I remember their names)….

It was crazy how many connections we had:

  • Paul grew up in Hamilton, so a lot of people “knew” Hamilton and knew of people that had lived there
  • We met the athletic director, who grew up in Hewitt and went to Midway Middle School (where I went to school), and also his dad coached in Moody with Paul’s dad
  • Another guy grew up with my brother-in-law, Jeff
  • Another lady knew a law partner of my dad’s
  • An older couple were the grandparents of a girl that is married to Paul’s best friend growing up

Such a small world!! (And I think there were a few other connections, but I can’t remember them all)!

On Sunday night was the vote….we had a question and answer time and then they voted!  And, our world changed….

Here’s our new church home!

We don’t have a place to live…yet, but we’re getting closer! We are probably going to “roll out of” Lacon on February 5th….keep us in your prayers! (Our last day of work is February 3rd)…

I’ll do another post on our actual vacation….we stayed in Texas for another 7 days after visiting Giddings!

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