Paul and I came to Texas for vacation and I completely surprised my parents!! 🙂

My mom’s best friend, Judy, was in on the secret and helped me put together a lunch with my mom on Monday and then Monday afternoon I went and surprised my dad!


Surprising my mom!

This is a picture of my dad and I that my mom took today!

my dad and me

It was a little harder to surprise my dad b/c I wasn’t sure how to get him to come down to the main receptionist desk at his law firm. The receptionist finally decided to call my dad and tell him that one of his tenants was at the front desk (my dad is real estate agent) and was giving her a really hard time and being irrate. So, dad came down to “deal with the tenant!”  IT WAS ME!!  🙂

I’m having a good time hanging out with my parents!



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