We have some friends who have a 4-yr old. Everyday at preschool Faith sings the “weather song”….today they would be singing the “SnowyToday” song (Each song ends with the word today, so she thinks today is actually a letter, not a word). If you ask her how to spell snowy, she’ll say S-N-O-W-Y-Today!

Today was definitely a “Snowy” day….it started snowing about 6AM this morning–and hasn’t stopped. The wind is what is bad….it just blows the snow around and around….the weather guy on the news said Peoria had gotten about 2.8 inches, which really isn’t that much, but some areas are deeper than others b/c of where the snow is being blown.

I made it back and forth to work today (at church). It was slow going but I made it!

our front yard

my feet



camp road

our driveway

In other news, unrelated to snow this past Tuesday, the 10th was my dad’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Dad! (Sorry this picture is tiny!)

my mom and dad

And, related to Weight Watchers, I lost a pound this past week!!

Now we’re snuggled up and staying warm!




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