Are you READY for Christmas?

Isn’t that the question that everyone asks these days….

Are you ready for Christmas? (I heard that twice while I was at Subway the other day, in a matter of about 10 minutes)….

What does that even mean? Are you ready for Christmas?

Of course, commercially, I know exactly what it means. It’s code for have you gotten all your shopping/baking/cleaning done yet for Christmas?

Isn’t it sad that we’ve narrowed down the whole meaning of Christmas into one phrase: Are you ready for Christmas?

The other day on there was an article titled: Holiday Minus God. Here was the explanation of the article: “Americans who are unaffiliated with any faith tradition are the fastest growing religious group in the country. With the holiday season upon us, we asked iReporters: If you’re atheist, agnostic or a nonbeliever of any kind, how do you celebrate the holidays? The outpouring of submissions we received were thoughtful, heartwarming, engaging and, above all, cheerful — In other words, perfectly in tune with the holiday season.”

“perfectly in tune with the holiday season…”

I have no problem with the fact that the responses were: “thoughtful, heartwarming, engaging–cheerful.” I do have a problem that they (the writers of CNN, I suppose) believe that that is perfectly in tune with the HOLIDAY season.” (Shouldn’t that be how we act ALL SEASONS LONG, not just HOLIDAY SEASONS)!? (Sorry, got on a soapbox there for a minute).

One young man from New York said, “The entire holiday season has been commercialized. There is very little religious value left for atheists to disagree with.” (emphasis mine). At first, I was stunned when I read that. I read it two or three times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. And, then, I had to nod my head in agreement. He is right.

He also went on to say that most of the United States does not regard Christmas as a religious holiday, so he just “goes with the flow.” Now, I don’t know the statistics of those who believe/don’t believe or recognize Christmas as a remembrance of Christ’s birth/don’t recognize it, etc., but I do know that, if that is true, then it is sad. And we’ve failed again, as believers, to spread the Good News. (see my post from last week).

One could come along and argue the fact that Jesus was probably not even born on Christmas, December 25th, so why all the hype? I would have to agree with that statement; he probably wasn’t. But, to me, it doesn’t really matter when he was born. I’m always READY for Christmas. I’m always READY to celebrate the birth of my Lord Savior, Jesus Christ, whether it’s December 25th, March 13th, October 21th, or January 6th. It’s a day of remembrance, of celebration. Without Jesus’ birth, our world would not be the same. Without Jesus’ birth MY world would not be the same.

(One of these days, if someone asks me, “Are you ready for Christmas,” I’m gonna say, “Absolutely, all the time. I’m always ready to celebrate the birth of my Savior–I do it 365 days a year, not just one…..I’ve been ready since I was 12 years old and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.”)

(I haven’t had the courage yet….but maybe someday. I think I’ll say it to the lady at Subway; I think she needs some Jesus lovin’ in her life).



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