Cute Wreath(s)

So, the other day I was pursuing the internet and found this really cute idea

I will be honest and say I’m not very crafty….I love to look at other people’s crafts (and wish to myself that I could do what they do), but I just never really like to do my own b/c it takes too much time (and money).

But, this one….I could do.  It was easy and inexpensive….so I did it.

Here’s what you need:

  • a wreath
  • 2 pair of long knee high socks
  • duct tape
  • a pair of scissors

So, there’s lots of variations on how you could make this, but this is just how I did it….

I made three wreaths last night and it took me about 45 minutes…not too bad!

Here’s the 1st one, completed:

Red and White Wreath

Here’s the “steps” to make it:

1.) buy a wreath (mine is made out of twine)–a foam one might work, but I just did twine. I got mine at the Dollar Tree (for $1.00)

a 9 inch wreath

You could probably do a bigger wreath, but you would need more socks.

2) buy 2 pair of knee high socks. I got mine at the Dollar Tree (for $1.00 per pair, so $2.00 for the socks)

2 pair of knee high socks (so a total of 4 socks)

3.) cut the “toes” off the socks and cut the “top part” of the sock off. On this particular wreath I did NOT save the top part b/c they were made of fur.  For the other two wreaths (that you will see later), I did.

cutting the top part of the sock off

4.) cut wreath apart

I don’t have a picture of this part, but basically you just cut through or “break” the twine–yes, it’s a little difficult, but doesn’t take too much effort.  You need to cut it completely apart b/c you are going to want to get the sock on to the wreath (it’ll make more sense in just a second). It will get messy (breaking the wreath) because all the twine shavings will get on the floor, but you can just vacuum later.

5.) push the socks onto the wreath

here's what it looks like once all the socks are on

6.) duct tape the wreath back together. I don’t have a picture of this, but basically you just wrap tape around the wreath to put it back together.

7.) move the socks around to cover up the duct tape. It took me a little bit to figure out how to make the socks “stay” so you don’t see the seams or they don’t come part. I learned, if you overlap the socks on top of each other and turn the seam under (almost as if you were making a hem, but you don’t sew it) where all the sock ends meet, it will stay together.

8.) i had a Christmas ornament ($.50 cents) that I just tied to the wreath so something would hang down in the middle. But, you can also just leave it plain.

Ta-da!!  It’s done–

Red and White Wreath

finished product!

So, for this project, it cost me $3.50.

Then, I made two more!!

Here’s #2:

Wreath #2

Things I learned after making Wreath #1.

1.) On the 1st wreath, I did not cut the heels off, but on the 2nd and 3rd one, I did. It made the socks into 4 pieces,instead of 2, but I didn’t like how the heel part “stuck out” and you could see the heel seam.  So, I snipped it off.

2.) On Wreaths #2 and #3 I had patterned socks, so I tried my best to keep the pattern on the wreath (but I guess you could just do it however you wanted, in regards to how you put the socks on)

3.) On Wreaths #2 and #3 I kept the top part of the sock. You’ll see why in a minute.

Here’s Wreath #2 with a hanger on it.

see the "hanger" in the back?

It’s the top of the sock. It also had the fuzzy “balls” hanging from the top of the sock, so when I kept the top of the sock, the “balls” stayed on and became the centerpiece of the wreath.

it's just safety-pinned to the back

This wreath cost a little bit more because the socks came from Wal-Mart, not the Dollar Tree.  So, this wreath costs about $7.00 because the socks were $2.97 per pair (the wreath was still from Dollar Tree).

Here’s Wreath #3

I think I need to “fluff” these socks a little bit….they are supposed to be more “scrunchie” looking. This wreath has a “hanger” on it, too; I just kept the top of the sock, like I did on Wreath #2.

This wreath cost about $7.50 because the socks were from Wal-Mart ($2.97 a pair) and the ornament was $.50 cents (the wreath was still $1.00).

So, there’s my crafty side.  You won’t see it very often (because, like I said, I’m not very crafty–I love good craft ideas; I just don’t like to spend the money to make them).

Enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions.



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