Playing “Catch Up”

I was just going through my camera and realized there were several pictures that I had not shared–

So….here’s our life in pictures over the past week or so….

  • Burning Leaves

my rake after raking--needless to has served its purpose

before the burning

Paul and lots of smoke

during the burning

Lesson learned through this:  Don’t leave the front door open while the leaves are burning in your front driveway.  Your house will smell like smoke for about 3 days!

  • Grandma’s North Room

Our 2nd bedroom is becoming a “storage room.”  (For those of you who are family, our 2nd bedroom is starting to look like the North Room)

the bed filled with gifts, gift bags, and boxes

boxes full of books off of the bookshelf b/c the bookshelves are filled with Christmas decorations

(Paul didn’t want me to put the books outside in the storage shed, so here they sit)…

  • My handsome husband

Last Thursday night we went to eat at Grecian Gardens for our Great Oaks Christmas Dinner.  Paul wanted me to take his picture.

isn't he handsome?!

I was there, too, (looking cute in my new gray sweater dress), but I didn’t get a picture

  • Christmas blues

In December of 2009 camp looked like this:

our front yard-December 2009

our backyard-December 2009

In December of 2010 camp looked liked this:

me in our front yard-December 2010

Paul during our blizzard-December 2010


In December of 2011 camp looks like this:

our front yard-2011


our backyard-December 2011

Does anyone see anything wrong with these pictures?!  It’s December 5th and still NO SNOW!!  Abilene, where we used to live, got snow today, but we got NOTHING!!  It’s just cold and dreary….

  •  Date Night at Home

Paul suggested (on his own-with no prompting from me) that we do a puzzle tonight-together!  We had to go to Dollar General to buy one.  I think we were a little over ambitious in buying a 500 piece puzzle (we also bought a 1000 piece of puzzle, but that one will be in the box awhile)

our 500-piece puzzle


Paul starting on the puzzle

our puzzle about about an hour and a half--we've got a LONG way to go!

We finally stopped at about 9:30!!

Thank you, Paul, for our wonderful date night at home!!



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