It’s Official…

The local Christian radio station has started playing Christmas music 24/7 and Black Friday has come and gone….I guess it’s officially the “Christmas season.”  As much as Paul tries to deny it or pretends it doesn’t happen year after year, I chose today to decorate.

Now granted we don’t have a big house and we don’t have a lot of things, but nonetheless, I decorated with what I have and the space I am given.

I did have a couple of setbacks this year.

1.)  Mice.  Mice chewed through three out of the five boxes I use for our Christmas decorations.  So….one Christmas dishtowel had to be thrown out b/c it did not survive…(let’s just say it wouldn’t be of any use as a dishtowel b/c of the holes).  The blanket and the other things are being washed.  Lesson learned:  Today I’m going to the Dollar Store to buy Tupperware boxes.

2.)  One of my snow globes broke.  It left glitter EVERYWHERE, along with stained marks from water that had dripped down into the box, dried up, but left marks on the decorations.  So, the snow globe went in the trash, along with the towel it stained.

So, not so lucky day with decorations….but I put up what I had, with a joyful spirit while watching Little Women.


All the presents are wrapped (as of last Tuesday) and ready for the tree


the "before" boxes

Please ignore the ironing board.  I’ve been “meaning” to iron for the last week….just haven’t gotten around to it (so now it’s a permanent decoration in our living room)

our little tree with all of our presents

our bookshelf with the decorations on it

Yep, that’s about it.  Our Harvest wreath is still on the front door, but it’ll come down soon….

Merry Christmas!!


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