Weight Watchers Update

Yesterday was my 22nd Weight Watcher’s meeting….

The 1st night (May 31st) I joined and weighed….

The 2nd night (June 7th) I lost 5.4 lbs.

The 3rd night (June 14th) I lost 3.0 lbs.

The 4th night (June 21st) I lost 1.8 lbs.

The 5th night (June 28th) I lost 1.4 lbs.

The 6th night (July 5th) I lost 1.8 lbs.

The 7th night (July 12th) I lost 1.4 lbs.

The 8th night (July 19th) I lost 1.2 lbs.

The 9th night (July 26th) I GAINED .8 lbs.

The 10th night (August 2nd) I lost 1.8 lbs.

The 11th night (August 9th) I lost 2 lbs.

The 12th night (August 16th) I GAINED .6 lbs.

The 13th night (August 23rd) I lost 1.6 lbs.

The 14th night (August 30th) I lost .6 lbs.

The 15th night (September 6th) I stayed the same…did not gain, did not lose.

The 16th night (September 13th) I lost 2.6 lbs.

The 17 night (September 20th) I lost 1.4 lbs.

The 18th night (September 27th) I GAINED 2 lbs.

The 19th night (October 4th) I lost 4 lbs.

The 20th night (October 11th) I GAINED .6 lbs.

The 21st night (October 18th) I lost 1.4 lbs.

If you remember I was supposed to GAIN weight by this week because I was too far “under” my maintenance weight.  So, no tracking this week and I went out to eat 5 times….

Well, yesterday I only GAINED .8 lbs.  It wasn’t enough….so I put my jacket back on (b/c usually I take it off when I weigh) and I had GAINED 1.4 lbs.

So, I’m still not up to my “maintenance weight” but I’m getting there.  So, between now and next Tuesday I need to gain .4 to get to my maintenance “goal weight.”

So, AGAIN….pack on the pounds!!!

There are a couple of things that I don’t really like about Weight Watchers:

1.)  You can wear whatever you want….and lose/gain weight by your clothes.  So, for example, I had to GAIN weight this week.  I had to wear my jacket in order to get close to the right weight.  (Therefore, it really messes with you and what you ACTUALLY weigh…it’s based more on your clothes).  Brenda said next week I could just bring a bag of rocks with me and hold those if I needed to get up to my GOAL weight (seems kind of messed up if you ask me).

2.)  Also, once you hit maintenance (or your goal weight) and maintain it for 6 weeks you don’t have to pay anymore.  But, you cannot go above or below by 2 pounds….or you have to pay.  I don’t really understand why I would have to pay if I lost weight….if I want to lose weight, I should be able to do that without penalty.  But, having to pay to lose weight just doesn’t seem right.  But, I guess I’ll stick with it and see what happens–



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