I learned a hard lesson this morning….I am not invincible….

About 5 weeks ago, a week before the Old Settler’s 5K, I stress fractured my right heel bone.  I ran in the Lacon 5K anyway, despite the pain.  Since that day I have not run, nursing it and allowing my heel to heal.  I have been itching to run for the past 5 weeks…every day I want to run…every day I have ached to run…

This past Tuesday I did a “trial run.”  I ran with my friend, Julie.  We did 2 miles running/walking, so I probably ran about a mile total.  It felt pretty good.  I loved the euphoric feeling I had when I running.  My heel was a little uncomfortable afterwards, but not horrible…

This past Thursday I went back to the doctor for a follow-up appointment.  She asked me all the standard questions:  does it hurt, is it tender here (poking, mashing, etc), what’s the pain level, etc.?  Overall, it’s healing nicely.  She did recommend that I not run for another week, just to be safe.  Here’s the way the conversation went down:

Dr.: “I would recommend you lay off for another week.”

Me:  “So, what you’re saying is that I should not run in a 5K on Saturday?”

Dr.: “I would say no.”

Me:  “Shoot, really….because I already signed up for it!  Really, I can’t do it?!”

Dr.: “Well, you know your body and you know what you can and cannot handle, so ultimately it’s your decision.”

Me:  “Well, just so you know I’m probably going to do it anyway, ” (giving her a hopeful smile that she won’t shoot me or throw me out of her office)

Dr.: (Laughing and rolling her eyes) “Well, just so you know I will say, ‘I told you so’ when you are back in my office next week because your heel hurts!”

Me: “OK, I’m cool with that, as long as we’re on the same page!”

So….I did it.  I went to run a 5K this morning….I got up at 6:00AM and was out the door by 6:20AM to go to Peoria to run the Zoo Run.

bib number









it was cold this morning (but i did wear shorts/tank top)!!













Well, here’s where reality sits in.

I have not run in 4 weeks.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but this morning was a hard pill to swallow.  I was not ready.  I was out of shape and it was hard!!!  It had nothing to do with my right heel; that was fine!  It was the overall process of running.

(But let me say this: the course we did was HARD!!!  It was more “trail running” than a course.  It was a 3-mile timed lap run, which means it was the same mile, run 3 times in a row-just in a loop.  I had been told that there was a hill in the course, which I was fine with, but there were probably 3-4 hills, up and down.  So, really b/c we ran 3 loops it was really like 9 hills!!  It was terrible!  It was curvy, and downhill, uphill, around….overall, not a good course, in my opinion)!

So, I didn’t even finish it.  I did 2 miles and stopped.  I just quit.  I could not endure those hills anymore.  It wasn’t worth it to me.  I did the 1st mile in 10:46, which is a horrible time for me.  I can easily do it in about 10:00 and have done it several times in under 10:00.  I had no interest in doing the hills a 3rd time.

So, overall, the 5K did not go well.  (I blame the course)!  But, I do blame myself a little bit.  I guess I just assumed I could pick up running, as if I never left it.  And, I couldn’t.

So, here’s what I did to wallow in my disappointment.

Tall Caramel Apple Spice with no whipped cream....










Will I still continue to run?  Absolutely.

Will I sign up for a 5K anytime soon?  Probably not.

(And, please don’t tell Paul….but my heel is hurting–MY LEFT HEEL!!!!)


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