Random Things

Not much is going on, but I figured I would blog anyway….just to keep up with my “followers” who anxiously await each day (OK, primarily just my mom, but nonetheless, I’ll blog)….

As I said, not much is going on….

I “took” myself off of crutches.  It is SO HARD and SO FRUSTRATING to be an adult and be on crutches.  Life goes on even if you’re on crutches and people are just “not helpful.”  (At least in my experience this past week they have not been)….one of my sweet friends, Diane, from church “mothered” me today and told me to get back on them ASAP.  She said she would be my surrogate mom (in this particular situation) b/c my mom would probably say the same thing….but I don’t know if I’ll get back on them.  I was supposed to be on the them for 10 days, which would’ve been today from the day of my doctor’s appointment, so technically I’m OK.  (But, I did miss the last 5 days)!

My heel does feel better.  I still limp a little bit when I walk (which makes my knees hurt b/c I’m walking “funny”), but I guess that’s part of the healing process.  I am SO ANXIOUS to run again; it’s not even funny!!  I want to go run so bad….I’m thinking about going this week and just “testing the waters.”  We’ll see….

I have “vacation brain” so bad….I am dreaming of my next vacation already (which Paul thinks is really funny b/c I went to Texas twice this summer, so really I had a double vacation).  Paul considers going to Texas a vacation.  I do not.  Going to Texas is just visiting family and friends that we already know and that we can “mooch off of” and stay with/eat with for free.  (Don’t get me wrong….I love going “home” but it’s not a vacation to me)…Paul and I have very different views on vacation….we’ve learned to compromise over the last 6 years we’ve been together (and for us, compromising means going on separate vacations, which we’ve done the past two summers).  Vacation, to me, is going somewhere “touristy” and cramming in as much stuff as you can into a very small amount of time.  Vacation, to Paul, is going somewhere and doing “nothing.”  So….needless to say, we have very different ideas…today I was perusing airline tickets to different places (I just do that for fun) and I can fly to NYC for $268, round-trip.  That is a super good price, even better than the price I got when I went two summers ago.  But, as Paul so lovingly pulled out, I do have to stay somewhere and eat while I’m there.  😦  (Anybody want to go with me and split the cost??!)  So, for now, I’ll stay here and live vicariously through the internet, I guess.

We have a new staff member at Great Oaks, another guy.  That’s what I need is more testosterone to work with….he starts tomorrow.  He’ll primarily be doing the ropes course on the weekends, TRAIL on Tuesday nights with us, and working with Jim on the building projects we have.

Weight Watchers has really been a struggle for me the past few weeks.  It is not longer a challenge; it is a chore.  It’s very frustrating because I used to be “excited” about trying to figure out what I could eat, how many points it was, tracking, etc.  Now, not so much.  (I tried to blame it on Paul, but it’s probably a culmination of a lot of things).  All during the summer Paul ate every meal at Pine Tree (with the campers), so every meal I made at home, I made just for myself.  Now, Paul is eating at home and it’s harder.  He eats what I eat (so that part is fine), but it’s just hard feeding another person because he can eat so much more than I can.  I also have been bored at home (not being able to run yet) so I think I snack more.  I munch.  I graze.  (I feel kind of like a cow, actually).  I think I’ve hit my plateau and I’m not too happy about it.  I have 3 pounds to lose to reach my Lifetime Goal (for WW) but I only have 2 more weeks left on my 17-week pass.  So, I think I’ll have pay more money so I can keep going to get off the last 3 pounds (to become a Lifelong Member).

Yesterday I babysat for our neighbors and it was confirmed, once again, that Paul and I are fine not having kids.  Andi took off her diaper during her nap and pooped on the floor (and on her books/blanket)….yuck!!  And, Ethan had a dirty diaper at the exact same time.  It was L-O-V-E-L-Y….(I smelled like poop when I got home)!!  Once again, affirming our decision that it is OK just being the two of us.

We had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends on Friday night.  This weekend was our only “free” weekend for the entire fall season.  From this coming weekend until November 12th, every weekend is full.  So, we took advantage of having Friday night off and went out with friends.  It was a very impromptu decision (on my part) on Wednesday to call some friends from church and get together at Pizza Peel.  So, 15 of us all got together and had a great time!  (I really did not expect everyone to be able to come, but it was fun)!

Well, I guess that’s it.  As I said, not much….just livin’ life!


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