I just got back from spending 8 days in Texas!  My love for Texas has not faded at all…..I loved being there!!

Some things I learned while there:

  • I always thought my parents house was a good size, not too small/not too big.  Well, with 8 people in it, it was crowded.  And surprisingly, we were missing 5 people from our family.  Just think how crowded it would’ve been with 13 of us there!  It was very hard to find a room that was free of people….
  • Living with just your husband (and really he’s gone most of the day) makes for a very quiet house.  Living with 7 other people makes for a very LOUD house!
  • Sharing a bed with someone who is very cold-natured is very difficult when it’s hot in Texas.  I shared a bedroom (and bed) with my sister, Marcy, and it was really hot in there!
  • Surprisingly the heat in Texas wasn’t that bad.  I actually enjoyed it!
  • Catching a cold from your dad is not a good way to end your vacation!

Here are some pics:

(I’ll do the rest another day)….

Dustin and Dana (my cousin and his wife)

swimming at the ranch with the cousins

Judson (my cousin) and his girlfriend, Micah

me, Marcy, Leslie, and Carla (cousin)

Uncle Tom, Dad, and Aunt Ila

Marcy, Leslie, Terri (cousin), and me-all the Forsyth cousins

hanging out at Ridgewood for 4th of July

me, Marcy, and Leslie-1st time together in 5 years)!


Marcy and me


Mom and me


the three Hubbard girls


Grandmama and Drake


Most of the Hubbard cousins (we're missing 2)


Almost all of the "little" Hubbard cousins (we're missing 6)

I’ll do the rest tomorrow!


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