An Open Window

I’m not sure where the original quote came from, but Julie Andrews said it best.

“When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”

I think I use this quote as a “crutch” for many aspects in my life.  As soon as something didn’t work out in my life (as I planned), I immediately looked for something else to fill that void.

I’m not saying that is necessarily bad to want to find another window, another path that the Lord is leading you down, but I think sometimes we take leadership and want to be in charge of that path, rather than letting the Lord guide us.

When Paul and I decided (together) that I would go part-time and only work 18 hours a week at Great Oaks, we committed to that decision and all that came with it.  We knew that my salary was going to be cut in half, and therefore, our expenses would have to change.  We embraced it, knowing that meant that we would need to eat out less, go shopping less, and watch our grocery budget.

But, through all of that, we decided that I would not actively pursue finding another part-time job.  If something became available, that would be great, but I just needed some time at home, by myself.  My dream is to be a stay-at-home wife, so only working part-time would be good for me.

However, God had other plans and knew just what we needed.

March 4th was my last day to work full-time.

On March 2nd my friend, Jen, asked if anyone would be willing to watch her baby boy 3 day a week, about 9 hours.

March 8th I started watching “B” 3 days a week.

June 2nd I stopped watching “B” because Jen decided to stay home.

June 3rd our pastor at church read my blog and found out that I wasn’t watching “B” anymore and wanted to know if I was interested in working at the church.

June 14th I started working at my church part-time.

Yes, God has continued to open doors for us, time after time.  Without ever pursuing a job, I have been able to have two part-time jobs since reducing my hours at Great Oaks.  And, the cool part is, the part-time job (watching “B” and) at church is very flexible and allows me to work the hours I need to work at camp and still go to Jazzercise in the mornings!!

God is faithful….just continue to trust in Him.  Of course, I guess it also helps to be likeable and have a charming personality so much that people are just drawn to you and seek you out!!  That’s what happened to me, of course!!  (Just Kidding)….


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