Anniversary Date

Our 5th anniversary is coming up on Friday, May 13th.  We both have to work this coming weekend, so we decided to celebrate early….

Every year we go to a baseball game….
Here is our 1st anniversary:


 Here’s our 2nd anniversary:


Here’s our 3rd anniversary:


Here’s our 4th anniversary:  (I forgot my camera at the game, so I just took a picture of our tickets)


And here’s our 5th anniversary:


Here are some more pictures from today:

The Chiefs in the field

Chiefs batting

The dancing corn stalks

Every time the Chiefs score, they have dancing corn stalks that come out on to the outfield and dance….only in the Midwest do you see dancing corn at a baseball game!

A Sno-Cone!

In Abilene they have sno-cone stands everywhere…here, not so much.  But, Paul found a “Shaved Ice” stand at the baseball game….it was YUMMY!!
Happy Anniversary, Honey!  I love you!

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