S*hiloh Christia*n Child*ren’s Ra*nch

I just got back yesterday from a 2-day mission trip to Shil*oh Christ*ian Childre*n’s Ranch in Missouri.  It was an all girl’s trip.  We took 10 girls, 6th-11th grade.  It was an interesting trip, but overall, I had a good time.  Some highlights of the trip were:
  • spending time with Paige
  • getting to know the CCC youth girls
  • not having any boys around
  • eating some great meals (it’s like Thanksgiving at every meal with some fantastic desserts)
  • gettting shocked by an electric fence
  • realizing that as I get older, 15-passenger vans get harder and harder to get into
  • driving for 6 hours in POURING down rain complete with thunder/lightning and a wicked HAIL storm
Here are some pictures.  I think you can probably click on the individual picture to make it bigger.

girls at Wendy's

Alyshia, Jamie, and Shelbie playing with kittens

Abi and Hannah

Paige and me

Paige working hard


eating lunch on Tuesday

all the girls

me breaking the window in the dumpster

the whole group (the boys arrived as we were leaving)

putting new fence posts in



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