Blah, Blah, Blah

I feel bad for not writing but nothing much is going on….

I was gone for 14 hours straight today: from 8:45AM-10:45PM….that is too long, in my opinion, but it did make the day go by a lot faster….

Tomorrow I am hanging out with my TRAIL bible study girls.  I am taking one of them to the zoo and out to eat and I am taking the other two to a movie. 

Two of my TRAIl girls are cousins, and most of their family lives in Peoria (grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins, great-grandma, etc)… is always SO COMICAL trying to figure out where to pick them up and drop them off.  I never know where I’m actually going to get them.  It’s a circus trying to figure it out with all the phone calls and the messages I leave…..tonight, I wasn’t sure we were ever going to reach anybody….apparently, according to the girls, I was supposed to drop them off at Red Lobster for some dinner (at 8:00PM)….I nixed that idea and finally just took them to one of their houses…..but tomorrow I’m picking them up at their cousin’s house (at least that’s the plan now).

Paul has been sick the past two days with a fever, a runny nose, and a cough (and, just for the record, as I was typing that sentence I wrote “a runny HOSE and a COUCH”; it is too late and I’m tired).  He preached all three services this past weekend at church and I’m pretty sure he was running fever in both the morning services.  But, I think he’s on the mend now.  I’m still pumping him full of medicine and making him drink a lot of water.  (Hopefully I don’t catch whatever he had).

As I said, Paul preached all three services this past weekend and I am singing in all three services this weekend…’s like the “Tanner Family” show…..

This past Sunday it was 81 degrees outside…..Sunday night I had the A/C on in our bedroom b/c it was so stuffy….Monday it never got above 45!  Oh, Mr. Winter….GO AWAY!!!  I’m ready for some 60 degree weather (especially tomorrow, since I’ll be outside at the zoo).

Tonight we went to Five Guys for dinner.  It’s fairly new in Peoria, but supposedly they have the best burgers.  I will say the burger was pretty good, and in my opnion, though expensive, it was worth it.  It’s not somewhere I would eat a lot (it costs $20.00 for both of us and we shared fries and a drink-the fries are CRAZY expensive), I did like the burger.  In fact, next time, I wouldn’t even get fries…..just the burger was good for me.

Well, I think it’s close to bedtime.  All my words are starting to blur….

I do enjoy watching “B” three days a week….something new and different….


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